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how am i to be expected to write an essay when i have better and cooler things to do like not write an essay

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waiting for someone to text back like


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Tyra Banks ending the life of a homophobe on national tv. 

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i wish i mattered enough to you (via depresant)

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Maybe we’re all just looking for someone who cares enough to try. Someone who has never had the best memory, but remembers the little things about you. Someone who has always been a little shy, but opens up to you. Someone who has never been good at keeping a conversation going, but can’t shut up around you. Someone who hates driving on the highway, but spends hours on it to get to you. We’re not hoping to change them, no, we’re just hoping to matter enough to them.


i’m probably the best at losing friends

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2014 was one of those years that started out like “THIS IS GOING TO BE GREAT!!!” and its halfway through and we have a war going on, a deadly disease has been spread, countless shootings have happened, racism is alive, more people have been leaving living things inside of hot cars, and robin williams is fucking dead

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